5 Terribly DISTURBING Christmas KILLINGS

"'Tis the season to be jolly,". Unfortunately Christmas isn't always about spreading holiday cheer. The nextfive real life stories detail the grim and horrific side of an otherwise joyis holiday. From strangers killing at random, to families murdering loved ones, these are 5 Terribly Disturbing Christmas Killings. Film companies nyc 

5. Patty White 

It was Michelle O' Dowd's favorite time of the year. She had just finished decorating her brothers' business space where she was working. All the presents for her nephews and family were wrapped and under the tree in her apartment. When she didn't show up for work one day, her twin brother was concerned and went over to visit. To his shock, he found 67 year old Michelle dead in bed with a bloody towel on her bruised-up face and Christmas presents covering her body. 

4. Charlie Lawson

December 25, 1929, 17-year old, Marie Lawson woke up early to bake her famous Christmas cake. After mixing the ingredients, she set it aside to be iced so it would ready for her family to enjoy later that night. While She was cooking, Charlie Lawson and his eldest son, Arthur, went out hunting. The two had run out of bullets and Charlie sent his son into town, about 15 minutes away, to get some more.

3. Bruce Jeffery Pardo

It was December 24, 2008, approximately 11 PM at the Ortega residence. Everybody was cheerful while celebrating the holidays and in the middle of festivities, an eight-year-old girl ran towards the door to answer the doorbell. She opened it and found Santa holding a huge present.

2. Azizolah “Bob” Yazdanpanah

Known as a "conservative and strict" man, the portrait of Azizolah "Bob" Yazdanpanah is often conflicting. On the one hand, he is described as a strict father who forbid his daughter to date and monitored her cellphone use. On the other, his friends see him as a sweet man who adored his family. Whichever side of "Bob" was the truth, there's no denying that he was a disturbed individual. 

1. Ronald Gene Simmons

By nature, Ronald Gene Simmons was a private man who previously served in both the United States Navy and the Air Force. At home, he was a strict father who bossed his wife and children around. He would give them various tasks and chores around the house, from building a fortress wall of cinder blocks to various repairs – there was always something to do. Film companies nyc 

So those were 5 Terribly Disturbing Christmas Killings

Songs of cheer and hope usually sound off during the holidays, but for these many victims, their Christmas celebrations were cut short. Instead of a merry holiday cheer, theirs turned out filled with hatred, violence and blood.